Updates to smartstuff

Today we’ve released an update to smartstuff.  We have included the options to search your Google Drive items from “My Drive” or “Shared with me” and the option to navigate around Google Drive folders.  We have also made some improvement to the way smartstuff displays on mobile devices.

Great work from the realsmart development and user interface team!

Digital Leaders Training


Training your students to become Digital Leaders is a great way to ensure that technology is used effectively and appropriately in your school.  We have worked closely with Kingsmeadow school in Gateshead to train and launch their first cohort of Digital Leaders.  Over 2 training events we have trained the digital leaders on;

The realsmart learning portfolio tools
Google Apps for Education
Google +
and, how best to work with teachers

Each digital leader has created a website as their own profile using rweb in realsmart to share with staff in school.  From these sites staff can easily see digital leaders expertise and interests. Their availability is shared through an embedded Google Calendar and staff can request an appointment through an embedded Google Form.

Digital leaders collect evidence of their own learning and support through their digital leaders passport where the staff coordinator can track progress and skills across the group.

The digital leaders at Kingsmeadow have also created their own Google+ community and connected with other Digital leaders nationally and internationally.

To book a digital leaders training session contact training@realsmart.co.uk


Kingsmeadow School – realsmart Centre of Excellence

We are proud to announce our first Centre of Excellence – Kingsmeadow School in Gateshead

Kingsmeadow Centre of Excellence

Since Mr Pettitt’s appointment as Headteacher in September 2013, he has radically reorganised all communication and Teaching and Learning processes in school, including:

  • Moving from a hosted exchange solution to Apps Mail

  • Implementing shared calendars for individuals, departments and resources

  • Training all staff on Google Drive and moving content away from Office to gain value from the collaborative features of Google Docs

  • Training all staff on the creation of online lesson plans in Google sites

  • Developed an intranet in Google site where each subject publishes lesson plans using the ‘Kingsmeadow Way’ as the structure for all lessons

  • Training all staff in the creation of realsmart-based learning portfolios

  • Extensively training Student Digital Leaders to support teaching staff (click here to see case study)

  • Hosted Open Days for other schools, with a view to share best practice with other realsmart users

  • Developing a 1:1 Chromebook scheme for all learners from September 2014

“Congratulations Kingsmeadow, we are proud to work with you.”

To read more about Kingsmeadow, have a look at their realsmartcloud website here or learn about the ‘Kingsmeadow Way’ here


Introducing realsmartcloud Centres of Excellence

The achievement ‘realsmartcloud centre of excellence’ is awarded to schools who can demonstrate innovation, improvement and creativity in the implementation of realsmartcloud in their organisation…

Schools who are making world class use of each of the 3 core areas of realsmart:

  • realsmart learning portfolios

  • WordPress cloudsite

  • Google Apps for Education

Those that have invested time in training staff in these areas and are able to demonstrate improvement in the learning and communication process.

In recognition of their implementation, realsmart pledge to give additional consultancy, training and online support for all our Centres of Excellence.

For more information contact training@realsmart.co.uk