A few schools have recently contacted us about students sending joke or spam emails to their large email groups e.g. learners@schooldomain.

You can easily create a sending rule that will only affect learners and prevent any future spamming. This short video talks you through the steps.

You’ll need to be a google admin user to access the google admin settings at admin.google.com

This is the example regex used:


Remember no spaces and groups are separated by a pipe |

Embed a PDF into a WordPress post/page

A little code snippet for reliable embedding of PDFs with a fallback link for non-compatible browsers.

It’s essentially four steps:

  1. Upload your PDF to the WordPress media library
  2. Copy the URL to the uploaded PDF
  3. With the text editor in ‘text’ view you can now paste in the snippet below
  4. Replace “PDF_URL” with your PDF URL from the media library


Here’s the snippet of code you will need.

<object data="PDF_URL" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="1200px">
    <p><a href="PDF_URL">You can click here to download the PDF file.</a></p>

Adding to your website slideshow carousel

Your website carousel is a very important part of your homepage real estate. Use it to :

  • reinforce your brand, key messages, values and expectations
  • promote events, organisations, opportunities
  • highlight resources
  • celebrate your school’s successes

It’s really easy to update, so don’t just throw up a picture of the school and forget about it.

To update your school website’s carousel, you need to :

In WordPress admin, you’ll find the options to add to your slideshow carousel under Smart Options > Slideshow

You can add as many slides as you like, and add titles, descriptions and even hyperlinks from the slides to another web resource.

Adding content to your website menus

Adding posts to your website is as easy as sending an email. *** – how to add a post

Your website menu items should correspond with ‘Categories’ that you can tag your post with. Tag the right category, and your post will be displayed through the website menu. *** – How To Add or Edit Categories and add them to the website menu

Make your school website your starting place

Your website is the best place to start your learning journey, so make it the first thing you see when you use the internet.

Ask your technician to make your school website your homepage, and then every time you start to access the internet, your school website will be the first thing everyone sees, the starting place for their learning journey.

If you have a computer independent of your school network, you can do the same thing. It’s slightly different for each browser, but in Internet Explorer, you go to Tools > Internet Options… then in the General Tab, in the Homepage section, type in your school website address.

In iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch, you can ‘Add to Home Screen’ to make your homepage appear as an ‘app’.

World Class learning tools

The internet is the best learning platform in the world, but the tools and resources are disparate, so by providing access to whichever tools you deem are relevant through your school website, you are providing world class learning tools.

You are provided with realsmart, your learning portfolio and Google Apps as standard, and whenever any new tools are launched, or discovered, you can simply add them to your cloud. *** – adding app widgets to sidebar

You will find that instead of using each tool separately, they will naturally form a learning ecosystem as you use them more and more, providing personalised choice for students and teachers to reflect their ways of learning.

Celebrate your school

From your website, you have access to all the relevant information and tools you need to start your learning journey. As well as this, you start from a place that reflects your school’s values through brand and key messages. *** – how you change the look of your website

This starting place also celebrates the ever changing activities going on within your school through the blog, which can be updated instantly and easily by all trusted people. *** – adding posts and changing roles

This gives a real sense of success through being a learning community. We can’t think of a better place to start.

One place to start

With all the tools and information needed to learn being so spread out and so disparate, where do you start? Where does your learning journey begin?With the realsmart cloud, this starting place is your school website.It provides pathways relevant to who you are and your role in the school, personalising information and providing links to the tools you use most often.By making this the starting point of everyone, you can push the right things to the right people, making sure the most important messages get through consistently to your learning community.

Make your school website your ‘homepage’ for your browser and start learning from the best place possible. ***

There are many ways to start learning from your school website, and we make it easy for you to choose the right path.

Website Menu

Your school website clearly provides structured information through its menu at the top of the screen. About Us or Home is for general visitors, then there are menus for Students, Staff, Parents and Community, the stakeholders in your school. By adding content into these menus, you are providing relevant information to the right people. ***

Sildeshow Carousel

This section of the website allows you to display visually, important aspects of the school, events etc that need to catch the eye, and provide links to more indepth content. ***


This holds the main content of the website and allows many people to contribute to the celebration of all the good things that happen within your school. *** – post that shows how you add posts

This content will update frequently and provide the reason for people to visit and revisit your website, engaging in your school’s great activities.

Widget bar

This is the place to allow deeper personalisation of tools and resources. Here you can log directly into many useful web applications such as your Email, Google Apps, and your realsmart learning portfolio. Staff and Students need different tools, and when you log in, your website differentiates the set of tools you’re provided with.  ***  – how you add widgets to various roles

By adding content to the website menus, and providing links within the widget bar, you give the relevant information and tools to the right people. <