New Release: Inline feedback and commenting in realsmart

Our latest update to the realsmart feedback system makes it even easier to provide quality feedback on evidence of learning.

We have responded to user feedback that the old pop up comment window in realsmart made it difficult to see what you were critiquing. Our new inline comment editor allows you to comment and give feedback on realsmart items without leaving the page.

This also improves the user experience on mobile devices like iPads where it was difficult to scroll around the page.

This development will be available to all users very soon…


Update no.1

You can now access realsmart learning portfolios from your mobile device.

NB this is different from our realsmart iOS app which is used for uploading files of captured learning to realsmart

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 13.03.09realsmart mobile is a non flash – html version of the realsmart tools to enable access on devices that don’t support flash. At the moment you can add evidence, feedback and comment on existing rwebs, rafls, rcast and rpassports. rmaps have been disabled in the mobile browser as they are so flash driven that html5 cannot replicate it yet.

Please be aware that you can’t build items in this mobile version, you would do this on the desktop version.

We are developing realsmart mobile regularly and have made the following changes since launch:

  • SSO from your cloudsite – you previously had to sign in again
  • Browser detection – going to on a mobile device would have given you an error page telling you “you need flash to view this page”. You are now automatically diverted to the mobile version of realsmart if flash player is not detected on your browser.
  • Android Support – some features of rafl and passport did not work on mobile, this is now fixed.
  • Smartstuff – this window was very small, we have made this an easier to read size for you
  • Smartstuff upload – now gives you access to the camera roll on your iOS device is you are using iOS 6.0 or higher.