A few schools have recently contacted us about students sending joke or spam emails to their large email groups e.g. learners@schooldomain.

You can easily create a sending rule that will only affect learners and prevent any future spamming. This short video talks you through the steps.

You’ll need to be a google admin user to access the google admin settings at admin.google.com

This is the example regex used:


Remember no spaces and groups are separated by a pipe |

New Release: Inline feedback and commenting in realsmart

Our latest update to the realsmart feedback system makes it even easier to provide quality feedback on evidence of learning.

We have responded to user feedback that the old pop up comment window in realsmart made it difficult to see what you were critiquing. Our new inline comment editor allows you to comment and give feedback on realsmart items without leaving the page.

This also improves the user experience on mobile devices like iPads where it was difficult to scroll around the page.

This development will be available to all users very soon…


Embedding realsmart items

Your realsmart items can be shared in more ways than just the one.

You can actually embed them as you would with any other web content. Items be put inside WordPress posts, emails, or even inside of other realsmart items. This is particularly useful if you want to use an item as evidence within another realsmart item.

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Tips for reporting technical issues.

We love squishing bugs!

The best software in the World has bugs from time to time, and we’re proud to say ours is no different 🙂

Bugs are just opportunities for us to improve our software, this is why we love squishing bugs. Don’t feel bad about reporting an issue to us but please take a note of these tips to see your support query is dealt with quickly.

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