New Release: Inline feedback and commenting in realsmart

Our latest update to the realsmart feedback system makes it even easier to provide quality feedback on evidence of learning.

We have responded to user feedback that the old pop up comment window in realsmart made it difficult to see what you were critiquing. Our new inline comment editor allows you to comment and give feedback on realsmart items without leaving the page.

This also improves the user experience on mobile devices like iPads where it was difficult to scroll around the page.

This development will be available to all users very soon…


Embedding realsmart items

Your realsmart items can be shared in more ways than just the one.

You can actually embed them as you would with any other web content. Items be put inside WordPress posts, emails, or even inside of other realsmart items. This is particularly useful if you want to use an item as evidence within another realsmart item.

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Create advanced webpage content with the ‘Webcell’ editor

The 'Webcell' editor doesn't just allow us to post plain text and images. Through HTML code we can create almost anything. This guide will take you through the HTML process step-by-step and give you a few practical examples of what you can achieve.

Using the 'Webcell' editor

Just in case any of you were wondering, this is what we call the 'Webcell' editor.

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Read our 0-6 Months Guide…NOW!!!!!!

0-6-monthsWe've posted our '0-6 Month Guide' again because we think it's the most useful bit of kit we've got – and it will help you to start using realsmart immediately!

What's more, we've uploaded this using 'Issuu' so that you can browse the guide in this page, rather than having to download the PDF. Click on the image below to read the guide at your leisure……

To download a copy of this PDF click here.