New guide – Adding Calender Feeds

calWe have recently published a new guide on embedding Google Calendar feeds as lists or even as an interactive calendar grid.

One of the limitations of the standard Google Calendar embed is that the links take you directly to the events within Google and your visitors have left your website.

With this plugin you can embed a full interactive calendar on your page or sidebar. There are lots of options so have a play and let us see what you make 🙂

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Gallery Styles

Adding images to WordPress posts as a gallery is a great way to display content – the new gallery styles from Jetpack give you even more layout options.

activate_jetpackTo access these options you will need to activate the Jetpack plugin. Once you’ve activated Jetpack you will need to connect it to a account.

Click “Connect to” – this will take you to a login form for you to enter your account details. If you don’t yet have a account, just click the “Need an account” link next to the username field.  (The plugin will guide you through setting an account up but if you have any problems, just email us at

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Embedding a Google Drive Folder in a Post or Page

A great way to organise and store resources is to put them all into a Google Drive folder. Here we show you how to embed the contents of a Drive folder into a post or page of your website.

Embedding a Google Drive folder is nice and easy. Just follow the steps below:

1.) Open up Google Drive and find the folder you want to use. Make sure the folder is shared correctly otherwise people won’t be able to view the contents when it’s embedded!

2.) Grab the ID of the folder. You can get this from the URL when you’re within the folder or from the folder sharing popup.


3.) Paste the embed code below into your post or page, replacing FOLDER-ID with the ID of your Drive folder. You can adjust the ‘height’ attribute to suit your needs.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="400" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Here’s a working example:

Embed a PDF into a WordPress post/page

A little code snippet for reliable embedding of PDFs with a fallback link for non-compatible browsers.

It’s essentially four steps:

  1. Upload your PDF to the WordPress media library
  2. Copy the URL to the uploaded PDF
  3. With the text editor in ‘text’ view you can now paste in the snippet below
  4. Replace “PDF_URL” with your PDF URL from the media library


Here’s the snippet of code you will need.

<object data="PDF_URL" type="application/pdf" width="100%" height="1200px">
    <p><a href="PDF_URL">You can click here to download the PDF file.</a></p>