#CSS { An introduction to the ‘Advanced CSS Editor’ }

A quick overview of the realsmartcloud Advanced CSS Editor

The realsmartcloud Smart Options plugins offer some really easy features to style your cloud site and keep in within the brand of your school or organisation.

However, sometimes it is necessary to dig a little deeper into the code to get the desired results. We’ve started to build a library of CSS snippets on our support site to better explain how you can tweak your cloud site into submission.

Using the Advanced CSS Editor

The editor couldn’t be simpler to use, you just write/paste the code in and hit save.

For example, if this was the provided snippet:

body {
background-color: yellow;

Just paste this into the CSS Editor and hit “Save CSS”.


  1. Nigel Hollier

    When I modify the source code of a particular page on my departmental web site, how do I then upload it on to your server?

    • Hi Nigel, are you wanting to change the school website Whickham.org? You aren’t able to change the source code of the pages but they are all highly editable through the WordPress admin area – do you currently have access to the WordPress amin area?

      Obviously the site is highly modified using the Advanced CSS Editor so you would need to speak to Mark about what needs adding. Let me know what you’re wanting to do and I will certainly help where I can.

      Speak soon

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