Fab Friends at BETT

We were really proud to have some fantastic realsmart users demonstrate how they use realsmartcloud in their schools during the BETT Conference and Exhibition this year. Take a look at these videos we snapped of the handsome chaps in action!


Kingsmeadow Community School

“…the students have been very much involved in it [realsmart]. This hasn’t been very much a staff centred drive to it,it’s been very much a collaborative affair with staff and students. Effectively the students have driven it for the past year or so through their program [digital leaders]”.


St Thomas More Catholic School 

“…certainly our feedback in school is that pupils are going home and using it [realsmart] on any kind of tablet, laptops, phones, whatever it may be…and the integration with Google – the amount of people that have said ‘we’re using Google, what does realsmart add to it?’. You’ll show it to them and they go ‘Oh yeah, I get that, I see how it works’.”.

“…the most important aspect for us is that people can bespoke and use it [realsmart] how they want”.


Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

“…the emphasis is on teacher – student dialogue and communication… the feedback we’ve had from parents is that it’s brought about more dialogue with them about what their children are doing… it’s lead to some really powerful discussions. It’s [realsmart] enabled us to be more creative with the dialogue we have with students”.


Many thanks to;

Andy Sprakes – XP School

Marc Voltaire – XP School

Andy Dolinski – Bosworth Academy

Andrew Strachan – St Thomas More Catholic School

James Simpson – Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

Lewis Thompson – Kingsmeadow School

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