Gallery Styles

Adding images to WordPress posts as a gallery is a great way to display content – the new gallery styles from Jetpack give you even more layout options.

activate_jetpackTo access these options you will need to activate the Jetpack plugin. Once you’ve activated Jetpack you will need to connect it to a account.

Click “Connect to” – this will take you to a login form for you to enter your account details. If you don’t yet have a account, just click the “Need an account” link next to the username field.  (The plugin will guide you through setting an account up but if you have any problems, just email us at

Once the plugin is active you just need to activate the ‘Tiled Galleries’ module. Head to your WordPress admin area and go to Jetpack > Settings in your left hand menu and activate the ‘Tiled Galleries’ option.

Creating a gallery

In a post or page you can easily create galleries :

  1. Click ‘Add Media’ above the text editor
  2. Click ‘Create Gallery’ from the left menu
  3. Add/Edit any images you want in your gallery
  4. Choose ‘Media File’ as the ‘Link to’ value and choose your layout from the ‘Type’ dropdown


Example galleries




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