Only smarties have the answer

smartiesStudents at Stretford High School in Manchester have made the first steps in becoming the world’s first realsmart student digital leaders, or “smarties”.

During a staff training day, our realsmart trainer worked with realsmart champions (staff) and the student leaders.  The smarties were present all day with a rotating group of staff and are now the resident experts on realsmart.  The Stretford smarties have gathered enough evidence of realsmart ability to earn their red smartie badge.

Here at smartassess HQ we have found that our most successful schools are the ones that involve students in the implementation of realsmart; at Homewood School in Kent their “smarties” have even trained staff across the Local Authority. After all, who better to train your staff than your very own digital natives.

Mark (Digital Leader), said “I really enjoy teaching teachers; it’s nice to turn the tables on them sometimes! We really like realsmart so far and we’re looking forward to seeing how the teachers use it.”

Using rpassport, smarties are collecting evidence against the Red, Amber and Green competencies to show what they have achieved at each level. We have created some button badges and certificates that can be awarded to digital leaders when staff are satisfied that all criteria have been accomplished

smarties2For more info about digital leader resources, or to book your training day, contact or call 0114 224 2334.

Dan Stucke (Assistant Headteacher) said, “I’m a busy man, and even though realsmart is easy to use, having the Digital Leaders to help me train the staff and students is going to make the launch much more successful.  We’re already seeing pockets of innovation from keen teachers, but the Digital Leaders will help us spread the use of realsmart to the less confident staff”.

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