Tips for reporting technical issues.

We love squishing bugs!

The best software in the World has bugs from time to time, and we’re proud to say ours is no different 🙂

Bugs are just opportunities for us to improve our software, this is why we love squishing bugs. Don’t feel bad about reporting an issue to us but please take a note of these tips to see your support query is dealt with quickly.

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What if students forget their passwords?


Q: How much learning time is wasted finding passwords?

A: None!

ANY teacher can find out the usernames of their students and reset their passwords quickly and easily in realsmart.

  • When you're in realsmart, open up the desired unit that you are working on and select the correct group / class that you're working with (use the 'shares' tab at the top of the page for this).


    Then select the 'passwords' tab – again this is at the top of the page. This will then display all of the usernames for that particular group, and give you the option of resetting passwords should this be necessary.

*This negates the need for loads of staff having admin rights. We normally advise against there being more than 2 administrators for realsmart. This is because any changes in the admin area can seriously impact on mentor / learner data and work, and we need to be able to trace accountability – something we can't do if there are 20 different admin users.

Get realsmart with our 0-6 months guide!

0-6Our new 0-6 month guide is designed to get you safely and successfully through the first 6 months of your realsmart life. It's full of practical help and support, and will be your guiding hand to cope with the first few weeks and beyond.

Copies have been sent to all our schools and further hard copies can be ordered by contacting
To download a pfd of this guide click here

realsmart dock

Once logged in to realsmart you will find yourself at the dock. Here’s a screenshot of how your dock may look; here you can see the profile photo and the four main icons: ‘my learning’, ‘my content’, ‘my profile’ and the ‘postbox’. The new callout help balloons should give you all the help you need while in the dock, but if you do require further assistance, just click on the questionmark icon at the top right of the toolbar at any time to bring you to this help page.

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New portal page launched


We’ve changed our realsmart log-in screen and replaced it with our brand new portal page. Out with the old and in with the new! Not only can you sign into realsmart from here, you can also view our latest help articles, search relevant support blog entries, check user stats, and maybe even win an iPod!

Please take a minute to have a look around our new portal page – you never know, it could change your life!