New realsmart blog

realsmart blog

We’ve introduced a new realsmart blog for all realsmart users.

This is accessible from the brand new login portal page and allows you to access and comment on any articles we publish.

Here you can find out what’s new to realsmart, who’s using it in innovative ways, information about training days, learn about any competitions we’re currently running, or anything we think may be of interest to you.

So keep your eyes peeled, there may be something on here that you’ve always wanted to know the answer to!

Live realsmart stats


Ever wondered how many other people are using realsmart?

Now you can view the live ‘realsmart stats’ before you even log in.

See how many users there are, how many are logged in at that particular time, how many items have been created that day, how many comments have been added – all from the brand new portal page.

To log in to your school portal page go to then add the realsmart ID for your school; for example

Take a look – you might be surprised.