Noticeboards in realsmartcloud

screen-shot-2011-10-20-at-163159You can now create a 'post-it' style announcement of notices in your WordPress site, which can then be targeted at different users.

You will need to create two new categories, one called 'Student Noticeboard' and another called 'Staff Noticeboard'. (NOTE: Please ensure the category 'slugs' are student-noticeboard and staff-noticeboard respectively). Then simply apply posts to these categories. Once this is done your logged in users will be able to see the noticeboards that apply to them, i.e. staff can see staff and student noticeboards, whilst students can only see the student noticeboard.


The ´front page news´ for logged in users will display the top three posts in the noticeboard categories.

On our demo site we've created a widget link for these noticeboards, as category links for logged in mentors / users. By clicking on the link to the category all your noticeboard posts will display.screen-shot-2011-10-20-at-165806