Get realsmart with our 0-6 months guide!

0-6Our new 0-6 month guide is designed to get you safely and successfully through the first 6 months of your realsmart life. It's full of practical help and support, and will be your guiding hand to cope with the first few weeks and beyond.

Copies have been sent to all our schools and further hard copies can be ordered by contacting
To download a pfd of this guide click here

Sharing best practice

screen-shot-2010-03-19-at-155542Given the choice of doing something well or doing something GREAT, we'd all choose GREAT – every time!

Sharing best practice is a vital way for teachers to celebrate success, build on their own knowledge and skills, and share this with other staff.

realsmart allows you to do this simply and easily via it's collaborative technologies, be it across departments or whole school, policy development or curriculum design…..this list is endless.

So let's shout about what we do well. It's good to share!

Getting started with rcast

rcastrcast gives you a simple way to create blogs, podcasts, picture casts, video or vodcasts, or just simple RSS feeds for the school newsletters etc.

To create an rcast, click the ‘rcast’ tool on the create strip, enter a title and click ‘Create my rcast’.

The first circle that will appear will be your blog header. You can add content to your blog by clicking on the content icon, and you can upload a podcast by clicking the podcast icon below it. This will open a flash uploader, using this you can upload images, video and audio to create a podcast.

Subscribing to a podcast or RSS feed

At the moment podcasts will only work if the machine you are working on has iTunes. To subscribe to a podcast or an rss feed, view the item which has the subscription available, go to the menu bar at the top of the page and hover over subscribe. You will then see options to subscribe to the podcast, or subscribe to the RSS feed.