Assess competencies with realsmart

  • Assess the competencies, characteristics, qualities or habits of a learner.
  • Ideal for implementing frameworks such as PLTS, SEAL, Opening Minds or the 5Rs.
  • Build your own passport for any award or achievement that requires evidence across a period of time.
  • Build timelines of evidence showing progression against multiple criteria.

Many schools are introducing the concept of competencies as a way of assessing a student’s progress towards being an effective learner. There are many models of competencies such as Opening Minds, PLTS, SEAL, 5Rs and all can be effectively assessed using rpassport.

Get realsmart with our 0-6 months guide!

0-6Our new 0-6 month guide is designed to get you safely and successfully through the first 6 months of your realsmart life. It's full of practical help and support, and will be your guiding hand to cope with the first few weeks and beyond.

Copies have been sent to all our schools and further hard copies can be ordered by contacting
To download a pfd of this guide click here

Delivering CPD with realsmart

cpd1Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is central to school improvement. A well resourced programme that is effectively led and coordinated, and involves people at all levels, creates a positive climate where professional development can flourish to the benefit of individual pupils. The programme needs to be linked effectively with performance management. In doing so, it also needs to build on and share the knowledge and skills of staff, and meet the needs of individuals and teams, as well as those of the whole school. We now have the 5 following Professional Standards built as passport pages within realsmart:

  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
  • Core
  • Post Threshold
  • Excellent Teacher
  • Advanced Skills Teacher

You can duplicate these now from our community area. Just click the community tab in your ‘my content’ area, and search the titles.


Adding our own stamps to passports

Did you know that you can upload any stamp pictures to your realsmart site, that members in your school can choose from when assigning pictures to their stories? These story pictures will appear on the rpassport . Add a story page for members to choose from.


If you would like to upload some stamp pictures to the rpassport tool in your site, please contact your realsmart champion to arrange this with the realsmart administrator.

If you are an administrator for your site, you can upload your stamp pictures in the admin area by clicking the ‘content’ menu.

Delivering SEAL with realsmart


Secondary SEAL is a whole school approach to promoting social and emotional skills that aims, when fully implemented, to involve all members of the school and all aspects of school life.

Are you delivering the SEAL competencies in your school?

We now have all the SEAL competencies created in realsmart as passport pages.

You can duplicate these now from our community area. Just click the community tab in your ‘my content’ area, and search ‘SEAL’.

Getting started with rpassport

rpassport is a way to assess qualities, characteristics and habits of a learner and record their progress over a period of time.

To create an rpassport page, click the ‘rpassport’ tool on the create strip, enter a title and click ‘Create my rpassport’.

To add learning criteria to your passport page, click the plus icon. Your passport can have as little or as much criteria as you want. You also have the option to add guidance to each piece of criteria.