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A few years ago as part of a Learning to Learn course I was teaching, we asked students to create a website 'all about them'. This was supposed to be a really engaging way for students to reflect and share their understanding of the first module of work, and a bit different from creating a PowerPoint or a poster.

The problem was, creating a website isn't that easy, is it? You need students to understand some pretty complex software. I used Microsoft Front Page – just teaching them basic web design took weeks. Then we had the problem of hosting these websites (getting them online), which was near impossible. So at best this became a lesson in using front page, and students shared their work by rotating round the classroom and looking at each other's computer screens.

rweb has completely revolutionised this approach. In less than a minute (before you can even say 'hyperlink'!) you can create a website structure, without even having to worry about the esoteric skills associated with web design. Students using this structure can add content to each page using the web cell editor within realsmart.

But this is where rweb really gets going. Students and teachers can 'share' their websites with each other, really online. And the best bit is that using an agreed success criteria and asking students to create a page with this on, allows everyone you have shared your rweb with to add comments and feedback.

That's real assessment for learning, baby!
*watch this video to see how easily you can create your own rweb.

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Sharing best practice

screen-shot-2010-03-19-at-155542Given the choice of doing something well or doing something GREAT, we'd all choose GREAT – every time!

Sharing best practice is a vital way for teachers to celebrate success, build on their own knowledge and skills, and share this with other staff.

realsmart allows you to do this simply and easily via it's collaborative technologies, be it across departments or whole school, policy development or curriculum design…..this list is endless.

So let's shout about what we do well. It's good to share!

realsmart in action!

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Here at realsmart HQ, it’s always great to hear how our schools are using realsmart, and even better, how much they enjoy using it!

The following quote was written by the Literacy teacher at Hirst Park Middle School to the Acting Headteacher following a training session we held for them earlier this week. It was so ace, we just had to share it with you… Continue reading

Getting started with rweb

rwebrweb allows you to create learning portfolios, online lesson plans, websites, reflective blogs, personal profiles, planners and target-setting all within a media-rich, collaborative environment. To create an rweb, click the ‘rweb’ tool on the create strip, enter a title and click ‘Create my rweb’.

The first circle that will appear will be your homepage. Click the plus icon to add navigational menu pages to your website. You can then add sub navigational pages by clicking the plus icon on the menu pages.

To add content to your website, click the content icon above the plus sign. You can move pages around by simply clicking and dragging them to where you want. If you want to delete a page you can drag it into the bin at the bottom right hand corner of the page.