What’s your favourite skin?

realsmart skins

Our design team are constantly working hard to create cool new skins for your realsmart profiles. We try our best to create skins that you will like, helping to make your realsmart experience a fun one.

If you have any ideas for skin themes, please leave your comments below. You can also help us with out by telling us which skin is your favourite!?


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New realsmart Skin Competition


Welcome to our latest realsmart skin competition!

We had a cracking response last time and received loads of entries. Our winner – Joanna Rumney from Cramlington Learning Village – won an iPod and had her entry – ‘Zest’ – visualized by our design department. To see all the existing skins (including Joanna’s) go to ‘My Profile’ in your realsmart account and select ‘skins’.

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Need a facelift? Check out these new skins!


While some skin regeneration products claim to “…resurface skin appearance, fill in lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness…”, here at realsmart we simply claim we’ll make your skin look ace!

Check out the latest skins to be released – choose from Brainiac, Alien, Digital, Chocoholic, Footie, and our new competition winner Zest.

We’re sure you’ll agree these are pretty cool.

realsmart skins – botox for your computer!