Get realsmart with our 0-6 months guide!

0-6Our new 0-6 month guide is designed to get you safely and successfully through the first 6 months of your realsmart life. It's full of practical help and support, and will be your guiding hand to cope with the first few weeks and beyond.

Copies have been sent to all our schools and further hard copies can be ordered by contacting
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Getting started with rafl

rafl embraces the principles of assessment for learning, accelerated learning, multiple intelligences, learning to learn, thinking skills and learning styles, and delivers effective personalised learning.

This is done through a collection of objectives and activities. Learners can track their progress visually, review guidance and also upload evidence of their learning. Mentors can then access a dynamic overview of their class’ learning.

To create an rafl, click the ‘rafl’ tool on the create strip, enter a title and click ‘Create my rafl’.


The first pie you see represents your unit of work; task pies can be added by clicking the plus icon. You can add up to 8 task pies. You have the option to add guidance to each pie to help the learners with their activity. To add task criteria to your pies, click the next plus icon. Here you will see the ‘I can’ ‘Because I have’ statements. To the learner this means, I can learn this, because I have done the following tasks.

When a learner completes a task, the pies capture their qualitative and quantitative success. The colours are in a traffic light system, green means they completed the task with no problems, yellow means they had some difficulty, and red means they found it difficult. Grey means the task is incomplete.


Getting started with rpassport

rpassport is a way to assess qualities, characteristics and habits of a learner and record their progress over a period of time.

To create an rpassport page, click the ‘rpassport’ tool on the create strip, enter a title and click ‘Create my rpassport’.

To add learning criteria to your passport page, click the plus icon. Your passport can have as little or as much criteria as you want. You also have the option to add guidance to each piece of criteria.