Adding to your website slideshow carousel

Your website carousel is a very important part of your homepage real estate. Use it to :

  • reinforce your brand, key messages, values and expectations
  • promote events, organisations, opportunities
  • highlight resources
  • celebrate your school’s successes

It’s really easy to update, so don’t just throw up a picture of the school and forget about it.

To update your school website’s carousel, you need to :

In WordPress admin, you’ll find the options to add to your slideshow carousel under Smart Options > Slideshow

You can add as many slides as you like, and add titles, descriptions and even hyperlinks from the slides to another web resource.

Adding content to your website menus

Adding posts to your website is as easy as sending an email. *** – how to add a post

Your website menu items should correspond with ‘Categories’ that you can tag your post with. Tag the right category, and your post will be displayed through the website menu. *** – How To Add or Edit Categories and add them to the website menu

Make your school website your starting place

Your website is the best place to start your learning journey, so make it the first thing you see when you use the internet.

Ask your technician to make your school website your homepage, and then every time you start to access the internet, your school website will be the first thing everyone sees, the starting place for their learning journey.

If you have a computer independent of your school network, you can do the same thing. It’s slightly different for each browser, but in Internet Explorer, you go to Tools > Internet Options… then in the General Tab, in the Homepage section, type in your school website address.

In iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch, you can ‘Add to Home Screen’ to make your homepage appear as an ‘app’.