Need a facelift? Check out these new skins!


While some skin regeneration products claim to “…resurface skin appearance, fill in lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness…”, here at realsmart we simply claim we’ll make your skin look ace!

Check out the latest skins to be released – choose from Brainiac, Alien, Digital, Chocoholic, Footie, and our new competition winner Zest.

We’re sure you’ll agree these are pretty cool.

realsmart skins – botox for your computer!

What’s in the new release?

screen-shotAs you may or may not know, realsmart has had a new release, containing some fantastic new features.

What you’ll find at the outset is a great new portal page. This not only allows you to access your realsmart account, but also lets you:

Search our new support blog for relevant articles. For more info click here.

View live user stats for realsmart. For more info click here.

Enter any competitions we are currently running. For more info click here.

And should you need more training to realise the full potential of realsmart, you can now build your own bespoke training day. For more info click here.

We still hold a number of free support days through out the year. You can view details of these up and coming days directly from the Support Blog.

Once signed in, you’ll see the dock. This should be familiar to most, but even this area has undergone some changes. Click here for a more in depth overview of the dock.

You’ll also notice that realsmart now contains a lot of contextual help – from ‘tool tips’ to ‘Getting Started’.

Once you’ve created your items you’ll notice that sharing them has become a lot easier. Click here to see more.

As you can see, there’s lots in there. But that’s not it……… Over the next few months there will be even more improvements!

Keep and eye on the Blog for more updates.