Embedding realsmart items

Your realsmart items can be shared in more ways than just the one.

You can actually embed them as you would with any other web content. Items be put inside WordPress posts, emails, or even inside of other realsmart items. This is particularly useful if you want to use an item as evidence within another realsmart item.

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#CSS { An introduction to the ‘Advanced CSS Editor’ }

A quick overview of the realsmartcloud Advanced CSS Editor

The realsmartcloud Smart Options plugins offer some really easy features to style your cloud site and keep in within the brand of your school or organisation.

However, sometimes it is necessary to dig a little deeper into the code to get the desired results. We’ve started to build a library of CSS snippets on our support site to better explain how you can tweak your cloud site into submission.

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What are Campsmount Technology College saying about realsmart cloud?

screen-shot-2011-07-11-at-150633In a recent article, Jamie Portman from Campsmount Technology College discussed why he loves his realsmartcloud site.

“So why am I so proud of our school website? Because it celebrates what goes on within it. That’s it.”

“Sadly, school websites are often a contradiction of what normally goes on within them. I regularly see sites that haven’t been updated in months and can only be described as dull, boring, static and lifeless. And yet for me, school websites should actually be a celebration of the learning and achievements that goes on within them.”

“They should advertise the fact that students enjoy being at your school due to the exciting learning experiences that your teachers work so hard to facilitate. Parents should be reassured that their children are fully taking advantage of the broad, balanced and dynamic curriculum offer that your school provides ….”.

Naturally, we agree!

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Posts too big? Here’s how to shorten them.

orange-cut-in-half-370x229What if you need to get lots of information out to people in a blog post, but don't want to take up the full page? Why not cut them in half?!?

Our Managing Director discovered this cool little feature to other day whilst he was running a training session. Instead of having loads of text you can truncate your posts. You get a nice little 'Read the rest of this entry ' message, that allows you to click on it and expand the post.

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